Technical SEO

Imagine a website with great information that no one can find.

It's annoying, right?

What we mean is that technical SEO problems can be the quiet block that keeps your website from performing as well as possible.

But bugs in technology shouldn't stop you!

Our technical SEO service will crawl your site, find problems you might not have seen, and fix them so search engines can visit your site as a masterpiece.

Are you ready to stop having trouble with how to do SEO?

Find out how our professional team can make your website search engine-friendly by scrolling down!


What Is in Our Technical SEO Service Package

Our Technical SEO service identifies and fixes these problems to ensure your website is search-engine friendly. We provide the following services:
  • Website Crawl & Analysis: We thoroughly crawl your website to identify any technical SEO issues.

  • Mobile-Friendliness Check: Make sure your website looks and functions perfectly on all devices.

  • Speed Optimization: Improve your website's loading speed for a better user experience

  • Sitemap Creation & Submission: Create and submit a sitemap to help search engines understand your website structure.

  • Schema Markup Implementation: Add rich snippets to your search results for a more attractive listing.

Starting from $2,000 per month

  • Thorough technical SEO analysis and implementation
  • Identification and resolution of website technical issues
  • Optimization of website speed and performance
  • Improvements to site structure and navigation
  • Comprehensive meta tags optimization
  • Ongoing monitoring and adjustment of technical elements
  • Monthly reports on technical SEO performance
  • Monthly strategy discussions and consulting calls

Partner with Us to

Upgrade your website's technical SEO side and boost your SaaS business's growth and visibility.


Optimize your website's technical infrastructure for improved search engine rankings.


Fix technical issues that hinder website performance and search rankings.


Change your SaaS business's SQLs, user activations, and MRR beyond traffic metrics.

Who Is It Best for?

Our expert SEO services are made for companies that want to improve the base of their websites. It's perfect for businesses in many fields that want to improve their search engine visibility and online profile.

How We Work

We use a simple method for technical SEO. Our team will thoroughly audit your website to find any technology problems after you give us access. We prioritize functions in order of importance based on how they affect user experience and search engine rankings.

Then, our experts make the necessary changes, like speeding up the site, fixing crawl mistakes, optimizing meta tags, and improving the structure.

We also offer ongoing optimisation and tracking to ensure long-term success.

Our Unorthodox Guarantee

We're dedicated to getting results that count. Our promise is simple: we will only work with clients serious about improving their website's technical base. We ensure that our work benefits your business by focusing on quality and efficiency.

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