Testsigma’s SEO Success: 400% Growth in Traffic in Just 24 Months!

Testsigma SEO success

This SEO case study demonstrates how the effective strategies implemented by SaaSSEO.Agency contributed to increasing Testsigma's online presence.

Guess what?

Because of these strategies, Testsigma has experienced a growth of 400% in just two years, going from having 8,000 monthly visitors in March 2022 to over 391,839 visitors!!! (as of 4th March 2024)

Crazy, right??

Now, before we get started, let's look at the graph to see the progress Testsigma has made since we started doing SEO for them.

Testsigma ahref Data
Ready to see how we did the SEO magic? Let's jump in!

What is Testsigma and How Our Journey Started with Testsigma

Testsigma Homepage

Testsigma is a cloud-based automation platform transforming the market by making testing desktop, mobile, web, and API applications more accessible. 

With features like record-and-playback and scripting in plain English, Testsigma enables users to develop automated tests quickly.

How Our Journey Started with Testsigma

TestSigma wanted to reach its full potential as a top cloud-based test automation tool. It needed a strategic partner who could help it figure out its niche, find untapped possibilities, and take over organic traffic.

With this goal in mind, we began working to make Testsigma more visible in the industry and improve organic traffic significantly.

Want to know how Testsigma is doing right now?

Check out the most recent numbers below to see how our SEO efforts are paying off!

Testsigma organic traffic

Problem: Testsigma Struggled with Ineffective SEO Approaches

Due to the absence of a solid SEO plan, Testsigma faced significant challenges when the company started its online journey. This lack of strategy optimization made it much harder for them to be shown online and grow.

The specific issues Testsigma had to face when they didn't have a good SEO plan:

  • Low Website Traffic: The Testsigma website didn't have enough traction, which made it harder for users to interact with it and make possible purchases.

  • Limited Brand Exposure: Testsigma needed better SEO strategies, so they couldn't reach their target audience as quickly as expected. This hampered their brand recognition.

  • Reduced Lead Generation: Poor SEO made it challenging for Testsigma to generate leads, which meant Testsigma missed out on many business growth possibilities.

  • Competitor Dominance: Competitors' better SEO work made Testsigma less visible. It might have made them lose market share and importance, too.

  • Inconsistent Online Presence: The lack of a consistent SEO plan severely affected Testsigma's online image, impacting users' trust and trustworthiness.

  • Missed Industry Authority: Without effective SEO, Testsigma would likely fail to become one of the authoritative names in its field.

  • Poor User Experience: Poor content structure and lack of optimized visibility made the user experience awful, which could have damaged Testsigma's image and customer satisfaction.

Behind the Screen of Testsigma Getting 386k Monthly Visitors

Starting with a thorough plan, SaaSSEO.Agency led Testsigma's way to get a large number of monthly visitors.

Our SEO improvement strategy was crucial to achieving significant growth, which involved three basic things:

  • Improving content

  • Building solid backlinks, and

  • Making smart SEO.

The simple 5-step process we used to make sure SEO worked and help Testsigma reach its incredible goal is shown below in detail:

Our Working process in Testsigma

1. Keyword Optimization

Testsigma attended a meeting with us before we began keyword optimization so that we could have a better understanding of the following:

  • Their company,

  • Their audience, and

  • The industry competition.

To identify keyword gaps and opportunities for Testsigma, we extensively analyzed their competitors to see which keywords they rank for.

Employing industry-specific resources, we also zeroed down on the most recent trends and insights vital to Testsigma's niche. We could also discover new keywords and interesting topics because of this process.

Here are a few of the 1000 target keywords that Testsigma and we selected together based on their business objectives and target audience.

Testsigma Keyword research

Let's simplify it to understand the outcome of our SEO efforts by showing you some excellent keywords Testsigma and we picked together, which are now helping Testsigma rule the search results!

It is clear from the image that follows that Testsigma has beaten some of the most notable competitors in the market by ranking higher for the same keyword.

Testsigma SERP

2. Content Enhancement

The first thing we did while enhancing content was review the existing content on Tessigma's website.

To ensure we correctly did this, we had to follow these three steps:

  • Found content that didn't follow current trends or industry best practices.

  • Checked keywords that didn't bring in the targeted organic traffic.

  • Identified areas where TestSigma's expertise could be expanded upon with more information.

With this great store of information at our fingertips, we started updating the content by doing the following:

i. Keyword Optimization: We carefully altered existing content to include important keywords so that users and search engines could easily understand what it was about.

ii. Fact-checking Expedition: We went on a mission to check the facts and ensure that the following things were still correct and useful:

  • Numbers

  • Figures

  • Infographics

  • Examples

The content would always be a good source of information for people who might buy something.

iii. On-Page Optimization: To get better results in organic search, we changed the titles, meta tags, and other things on the page. This ensured that search engines could properly index and show TestSigma's content to the target audience.

We suggested two more specific things to increase user involvement and trust in the brand even more:

  • Incorporating author profiles into current and future content

  • Adding high-quality visuals like infographics, images, and videos to existing content where appropriate

This visual storytelling approach helped Testsigma enhance user engagement, improve content shareability, and make their expertise easily digestible for visitors.

3. On-Page SEO Optimization

When we did on-page optimization for Testsigma, we paid close attention to every detail and used tried-and-true methods to get the most out of each part of their website.

Some of the most important methods we used were:

  • Keyword Research: Conducted in-detail research to find high-volume, low-competition keywords important to Testsigma's audience.

  • Strategic Keyword Integration: Skillful integration of target keywords into titles, meta descriptions, headings, and content, signaling Testsigma's expertise.

  • Structure and Readability: Utilization of descriptive headings (H1, H2, H3) to improve the structure and readability of text.

  • URL Optimization: Simplified URL structure with many keywords to help search engines scan and rank the site better.

  • Internal Linking Architecture: Strategic internal linking to organize content hierarchy, improve crawlability, and improve user experience.

  • Data-Driven Refinement: Monitoring performance metrics like organic traffic, ranking, and user engagement for continuous optimization.

  • Image Optimization: Implementation of descriptive alt text for images for people to access and give search engines more information about them.

With these tactics, we made Testsigma's website more visible, brought in qualified traffic, and made their target audience more aware of their brand.

4. Backlink Building

Our Testsigma backlink approach was based on quality over quantity.

We focused on getting high-authority backlinks that were important to the industry Testsigma belonged to by using these methods:

  • Backlink Profile Analysis: We looked closely at Testsigma's current backlink profile and found its strengths, weaknesses, and untapped possibilities.

  • Competitive Backlink Benchmarking: To identify valuable link-building strategies, we analyzed the backlink profiles of Testsigma's competitors.

  • Customized Backlink Plan: We made a personalized backlink plan for Testsigma that fits their specific goals and customers.

  • Multi-Channel Outreach: We used email advertising, social media, and influencer marketing to get more people to see their content and get natural backlinks.

  • Strategic Link Exchanges: We only traded links with related SaaS websites after making sure that each one met our high standards for quality.

  • Industry Engagement: To secure valuable backlink placements, we actively engaged with relevant websites, influencers, and publications.

  • Natural Link Acquisition: We built relationships with influential business people to promote acquiring organic backlinks.

  • Resource Page Inclusion: Strategically targeting relevant resource pages helped us acquire valuable backlinks.

  • Meticulous Backlink Tracking: We kept an eye on Testsigma's backlink profile, looking for new links and ensuring they followed search engine rules.

5. Regular Performance Monitoring

You must keep watching and improving SEO constantly to get the most out of it.

That’s why we made sure Testsigma's SEO approach stayed on track for long-term success in these ways:

  • We kept a close eye on keyword results, organic traffic, conversion rates, and user engagement to see how well our SEO strategies worked.

  • Using advanced analytics tools, we learned a lot about how Testsigma's website was performing and how our methods affected it.

  • We translated data into actionable recommendations, which empowered Testsigma to optimize their website and SEO strategy for sustained growth.

  • We made sure there was total transparency in our communication about the whole process by giving regular reports with performance data, trends, and progress.

Based on data, this method helped us keep improving and changing our strategies, which sped up Testsigma's natural growth and strengthened its position in the market.

These five critical actions made Testsigma reach a position where they now proudly dominate search engine results pages (SERPs), having triumphed over numerous competitors in the market.

Let’s help you view the accompanying graph to understand their remarkable progress!

Testsigma ahref Data

The Duration We Required to Reach Testsigma's Expected Goals

The first day of March 2022 marked the beginning of Testsigma's effort to increase its online visibility. At that time, the website received approximately 8,000 visitors every month.

To enhance its visibility, Testsigma then implemented some adjustments for two years.

And guess what happened after that?

Because of the unique SEO strategy that SaaSSEO.Agency provided, Testsigma multiplied the number of their monthly visitors.

Can you believe it?

Their monthly visits went through the roof, rising 400% to over 391,839!!!

This rise in online activity shows how well working together with SaaSSEO.Agency works.

The Final Outcome: A 400% Gain in Monthly Visits in 24 Months

As you already know, Testsigma's website used to get only 8,000 people as visitors in a month, but now it gets 391,839 monthly visitors.

Over 400% more money, and that's a big jump, right?

But here's the really cool part:

There are now 14,395 keywords that put Testsigma in the top 10 on Google!!!

Back before we worked together, it only ranked for 577 keywords.

That's a huge increase.

Want to see proof that would clarify Testsigma’s achievements?

Check these out:

Testsigma keywords and traffic

These figures demonstrate how Testsigma has changed the game regarding cloud-based test automation.


The SEO case study of Testsigma proves that even in competitive industries, smart SEO strategies can help you achieve explosive growth.

Here's the secret sauce for gaining such change by SEO:

  • Engage your audience with content that is both informative and valuable.

  • Get other relevant websites to link to yours, boosting your online reputation.

  • Make it easy for visitors to find what they need on your website.

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