SEO Case Study for TempMailo: 460% Traffic Growth within 8 Months!

Case study for tempmailo

This SEO case study is all about how SaaSSEO.Agency helped TempMailo, a big player in Disposable Email, get noticed online.

TempMailo.org began with getting about 1,894 people as visitors to their website per month in May 2023. In just 8 months, the number of visitors climbed to over 46,100, which is an incredible 460% increase in organic traffic.

This amazing rise confirms the strategies used by SaaSSEO.Agency are functioning effectively.

Making TempMailo stand out online was quite challenging, but we did it by focusing on the right keywords and improving their existing and new content.

Let us look at the graph showing when TempMailo chose us to work on SEO for them so that you can see our contribution to their growth.

tempmailo ahrefs Data
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What is TempMailo and How Our Journey Started with TempMailo

tempmailo Homepage

TempMailo is a free service that provides throwaway email accounts to help protect your primary email address from spam, bots, and phishing. It is suitable for temporary usage and requires no personal information, making registration simple.

This tool provides a simple, anonymous way to access premium content while keeping your inbox clean.

How Our Journey Started with TempMailo

Our collaboration with TempMailo started when they expressed their wishes to improve their web presence and reach more potential users. We were thrilled to assist TempMailo's growth because we recognized the unique value it provided to its users in terms of online privacy and security.

TempMailo and our partnership focused on increasing their SEO to increase organic traffic, exposing their vital service to a larger audience looking for email privacy solutions.

Are you curious to know about TempMailo's latest traffic stats?

Check out the picture below to learn about their most recent SEO statistics!

tempmailo ahrefs data-2

The SEO Obstacle: The Strategy Gap We Found at TempMailo

Before SaaSSEO.Agency stepped in to help TempMailo, they had several problems because they did not have a solid SEO plan. These problems greatly affected their online visibility and prevented them from reaching their full growth potential.

Let's look at the specific problems TempMailo had to face because it didn't have a good SEO plan in place:

  • Limited Website Visibility on Search Engines: It was difficult for people to find TempMailo's website because it didn't appear high in search engine results.

  • Difficulty Reaching the Target Audience: Without a strong SEO approach, it was hard for TempMailo to connect with its target audience, which meant it missed chances to engage with them and make more sales..

  • Poor Keyword Ranking: TempMailo's website didn't rank well for important and relevant keywords in its business, making it harder for people searching for these keywords.

  • Lack of Brand Authority: TempMailo struggled to establish itself as a credible and authoritative brand within its industry, impacting user trust and engagement.

  • Inconsistent Website Performance: They experienced fluctuating performance in search engine rankings and user engagement metrics.

  • Difficulty Competing with Established Competitors: TempMailo had difficulty standing out in a market full of established rivals whose brands were already well-known and easy to find online.

After encountering these problems, TempMailo realized the importance of having a good SEO plan. Then they sought help from SaaSSEO.Agency to overcome these and see substantial increases in online visibility and user interaction.

Full-Proof Plan That Brought TempMailo 46k Monthly Organic Visits

SaaSSEO.Agency developed a detailed strategy to help TempMailo overcome its initial challenges and attract its desired visitors every month.

The SEO strategy was beneficial in achieving the significant growth TempMailo wished for. It focused on three major things:

  • Improving content,

  • Building strong backlinks, and

  • Optimizing key SEO elements.

tempmailo working process

1. Keyword Optimization

Before we started keyword optimization for TempMailo, we met with their team to learn about their business goals, their target audience, and their competitors.

We then carefully examined rival websites to find the keywords that rank well for them. This showed us gaps and opportunities for TempMailo. We also used specialized tools to stay current on niche trends and insights and find new important keywords and topics.

Together with TempMailo, we compiled a list of 1000 target keywords that fit their audience and goals.

Here are a few keywords we suggested that helped TempMailo get to the top of search results:

KeywordVolumeKDCPCOrganic TrafficCurrent PositionCurrent URL
email on deck530082.172892https://tempmailo.org/page/email-on-deck
temp mail ninja1400341.571265https://tempmailo.org/post/temp-mail-ninja
yopmail login70091.22525https://tempmailo.org/page/yopmail-login-and-singup
temp mail.org130066.77512https://tempmailo.org/
crypto mail300701.34402https://tempmailo.org/page/cryptogmail
tempmail ninja350590316https://tempmailo.org/post/temp-mail-ninja

TempMailo has done better than many big competitors in its field for the same keyword, just as you can see in this picture.

tempmailo SERP

2. Content Enhancement

As we examined TempMailo's content, our goal was clear: to improve their online visibility and keep their audience's attention by attracting them to these updated content.

Here are our adjustments to their content to fit their brand identity and keep their target audience interested.

  • Completed a thorough audit to find ways to improve, such as outdated information, keywords that weren't working well, and growth possibilities.

  • Added keyword research insights to old content to make it more search engine-friendly and make sure it fits with TempMailo's brand message and audience.

  • Reviewed and revised content statistics, facts, infographics, and examples for accuracy and value.

  • Improved the page's headlines, meta tags, and other parts to make it work better in organic search results.

  • Recommended the addition of author profiles to highlight credibility and build reputation for both the website and writers.

  • Integrated high-quality visuals such as infographics, images, and videos to enhance user engagement and shareability on digital platforms.

3. On-Page SEO Optimization

When we did the on-page SEO optimization for TempMailo, our primary goal was to improve different parts of their website in a planned way.

We started our on-page SEO optimization process by doing a lot of study on keywords and found out the low-competitive ones. These keywords were carefully added to important parts of the page, like:

  • Titles

  • Meta descriptions

  • Headings (H1, H2, H3)

  • The body of the article.

Our goal was to make the website more relevant in search engine results while ensuring users could read it. We also simplified TempMailo's article’s URL structure by making it short, clear, and included keywords so that search engines could better analyze and rank it.

Another important part of our plan was using internal links throughout the website.

By organizing the content hierarchy and spreading link equity well, we wanted to make it easier for crawlers to find content and improve the user experience overall.

Using analytics tools, we monitored performance data during the optimization process. This meant tracking metrics to see how well our SEO efforts were working.

We also suggested that TempMailo's website have descriptive alt texts for images used in the articles. This would make the content easier for people to find and give search engines more information, which would help SEO.

4. Backlink Building

Link building was a strategic priority for us to improve TempMailo's online profile.

This focus aimed to strengthen their website's reputation, make it more visible, and build a strong portfolio of backlinks, all of which are important for long-term growth for any business.

These are the exact things we did:

  • Analyzed TempMailo's backlink profile to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

  • Looked at competitors' strategies to learn valuable things and find possible link-building possibilities.

  • Made a personalized plan that fits TempMailo's community and goals for effective link acquisition.

  • Used social media and reaching out to influential people to get more people to see their work and get good backlinks.

  • Participated in selective link exchanges with trustworthy SaaS websites to broaden our various backlinks.

  • Established connections with industry stakeholders to build a network that contributed to TempMailo's online reputation.

  • Proactively sought inclusion in resource pages relevant to TempMailo's niche to earn valuable backlinks.

  • Vigilantly tracked backlink profile, identifying new links and ensuring adherence to best practices, with regular reports providing detailed insights.

5. Regular Performance Monitoring

As planned, we closely watched key data to see how our SEO work for TempMailo affected the company.

We tracked important things like the following to determine the online performance of TempMailo:

  • Organic traffic,

  • Keyword rankings,

  • Conversions, and

  • User engagement.

We used advanced analytics tools to examine TempMailo's website data and learned much about how users interact with the website and how our SEO tactics work overall. This data-driven method helped us make decisions and fully understand TempMailo's online world.

In addition to analyzing the data, we turned our results into helpful information for TempMailo by giving them strategic suggestions on improving website performance and SEO efforts.

This way of working together gave TempMailo the necessary information to make changes.

Please take a moment to look at the graph below, which shows TempMailo's remarkable SEO progress and how hard we've been working.

tempmailo Traffic and keywords

Our Efficient Timeline for Achieving TempMailo's Traffic Goals

To increase traffic to TempMailo's website, we launched our SEO campaign on May 1, 2023.

About 1,894 people showed up monthly in the beginning.

Still, that eight-month period saw a significant increase.

These days, around 46,000 unique visitors per month visit TempMailo's website.

The number of visits each month has increased by about 460%!

This illustrates that our customized strategy to increase TempMailo's online visibility was a smashing success.

Result: Successfully Achieved a Monthly Visitor Gain of Over 460%!!!

TempMailo's organic business has grown a lot and has been getting better over the past few months:

  • Over eight months, the number of monthly visits went from over 1,894 to over 46,100, an impressive 460% increase.

  • They now rank in the top ten of Google for 817 keywords, up from 66.

To be even more 100% certain of what we accomplished, you can check the following comparative images:

tempmailo ahrefs data-3


The TempMailo SEO case study shows how a simple SEO approach can work, even in a highly competitive market.

TempMailo.org got great results from our data-driven method, which focused on:

  • Detailed keyword research,

  • High-quality multilingual content,

  • Technical SEO optimization, and

  • Strategic link building.

This case study shows how SEO can help businesses become successful by emphasizing a method that focuses on data, user experience, and constant change.

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